The Reward and Employee Benefits Association aims to be the the aggregator of all relevant reports produced by ourselves, our Associate Members or independent bodies.

REBA research: REBA conducts indepth reports into both technical and high level issues. These are free for REBA Professional Members to download. Professional Members need to be logged in to access the reports.

Third party research: We provide a short description of each report with a link to where the original document is held online.

Latest Reports

Report: Seven trends that will shape workplace mental health in 2022

The pandemic has pulled workplace wellbeing into sharp focus, and 2021 has been a period...

Report: Master Trust default fund review

Hymans Robertson’s Master Trust Insights report examines how recent market events ...

Hybrid working practical guidance

A new practical guide to hybrid working, developed and published by members of the Flexible Wo...

Technology change is business change. Part 3 of the Transforming Engagement Series

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Sponsored by Mercer Marsh Benefits

REBA Technical Training Guide to How to Select Benefits for a Hybrid Workforce

Sponsored by YuLife

A shift to hybrid working models has been one of the most widespread changes driven by Covid-1...

Report: Employee jobs paid below the living wage 2021

New research by the Living Wage Foundation demonstrates the scale of low pay in...