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28 Jun 2022

100% remote working is not feasible alongside holistic wellbeing, says Dr Eliza Filby

This year’s Employee Wellbeing Congress opening keynote speaker, generations expert Dr Eliza Filby, answers the questions sent in during her session.

Generations expert Dr Eliza Filby answers: do you think completely remote work is feasible alongside holistic wellbeing?

Dr Filby argues that in an age of disconnection, divisiveness, loneliness, decline of religion and community, smaller families and movement of people we need social interactions to keep us human. And one of the core places we get that social interaction is the workplace.

During her session at REBA’s Employee Wellbeing Congress 2022 Dr Filby explored the implications of changing demographics and age diversity on the future of work, and encouraged the audience to challenge conventional views associated with age, learning and career trajectory.


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