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12 Feb 2024

12 reproductive health awareness days for your 2024 calendar

Embracing awareness days can foster your organisation’s culture while making your employees feel supported

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Progressive employers are increasingly recognising the importance of reproductive health education for their workforces as an integral part of wider physical and mental wellbeing initiatives.

Awareness days offer opportunities to provide employees with education and conversation about a wide range of issues. There are several important awareness days focused on female reproductive health during the year.

1. International Women’s Day

When: 8 March

A globally recognised campaign that celebrates women’s social, economic and political achievements while raising awareness of gender equality.

2. National Endometriosis Action Month

When: March

A globally recognised month of action for the one in 10 people assigned female at birth who suffer from the reproductive health condition endometriosis.

3. National Infertility Awareness Week

When: 21-27 April

A UK-focused awareness week highlighting the challenges, mental and physical, faced by those struggling with infertility.

4. Black Maternal Health Week

When: 11-17 April

A globally recognised week to amplify black female voices and raise awareness of the historically higher maternal mortality rates in black women.

5. Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

When: 29 April-5 May

A global weeklong campaign dedicated to awareness of mental health struggles before, during and after pregnancy.

6. National Women’s Health Week

When: 12-15 May.

A UK-focused week-long campaign encouraging women and girls to make their health, physical and social wellbeing a priority.

7. Fibroids Awareness Month

When: July

A globally recognised month to raise awareness about uterine fibroids that affect around two in three women.

8. Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

When: September

A globally recognised month to support those who’ve been diagnosed with or indirectly affected by ovarian cancer.

9. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Month

When: September

A globally recognised month of action for the one in 10 people assigned female at birth who suffer from the reproductive health condition PCOS.

10. Menopause Awareness Month

When: October

A globally recognised awareness month focused on breaking the stigma surrounding menopause, including World Menopause Day on 18 October.

11. Baby Loss Awareness Week

When: 9-15 October

A UK-focused week-long event dedicated to supporting those who have suffered pregnancy or infant loss.

12. National Fertility Awareness Week

When: 30 October-5 November

A UK-focused weeklong campaign initiated to raise awareness about fertility issues, treatments and reproductive health education.


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