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09 May 2018

Five awesome examples of using AI in employee benefits

The bots are taking over the workplace. And for today's employees, that is a wonderful thing.


Here are five perks and benefits that use AI to make every employee's day a little more awesome.

1. Crema

The best part of waking up is that morning cup of coffee. But today's employees have discerning tastes and the classic 'office coffee' won't do much for keeping teams bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Enter, Crema.

Crema is a gourmet coffee subscription service that delivers coffee straight to your office on a weekly or monthly basis. Crema also has a smart Slack bot that compiles feedback from your employees by asking them to vote on the coffee they’d most like to try, and making personalised suggestions for the next delivery.

2. Superjack

Do you have a high number of working parents in your office? Or members of the sandwich generation looking after their elderly parents?

If so, then this little perk might go a long way in bringing them some peace of mind. Superjack is a voice activated notification system that can alert an employee when someone at home needs help. The Slack smart bot connects to Amazon's Alexa so children can even call their parents using a simple command such as, "Alexa, call mum at work".

3. Donut

Don't let your employees work too hard. Breaks are necessary and workplace socialisation has awesome benefits, especially for a multi-generational office. Donut uses AI to automatically match employees from different departments and offices for a virtual or in-person coffee break. This AI-powered perk is great for fostering engagement without breaking your budget on team outings or office catering.

4. BirthdayBot

Sad as it is, employee birthdays aren't always met with the enthusiasm they deserve. BirthdayBot uses AI to automatically collect and compile all your employee birthdays into a master list — so you never miss the big day. It will even give you and your teams a gentle reminder a couple days beforehand so you can customise an automated birthday message using a fun GIF from the BirthdayBot library.

5. babylon

Last but not least, babylon uses AI to answer your employees biggest health questions whether they're at home, the office or on the road.

The chatbot pools knowledge from hundreds of certified healthcare professionals to bring users accurate information about their symptoms and offer the best options for treatments. Employees can even use it to get prescriptions automatically delivered to their home or office.

This article was provided by babylon.

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