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28 Oct 2022

7 things to consider when creating an employee engagement strategy

Participant experience is just one factor to think about - and there are significant risks in getting it wrong

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When reviewing your recognition strategy, it’s only natural to focus on the programme design - the values, the rewards, the user experience. You hope it will, after all, inspire and motivate your employees, helping to drive forward your brand values and entice and retain the best talent.

However, this is only a fraction of the process. If launching a recognition programme was an iceberg, only the tip of it is visible. So, what’s below the surface? What happens to create and achieve this compelling solution?

When implementing a global employee engagement programme, it’s important to work with an experienced partner to guide you through the fundamentals and intricacies that can sink you if not given due attention and focus. Without the right implementation team, large organisations undertaking complex transformation projects such as global reward and recognition programmes can face significant risks.

Crucial elements for a successful global implementation include:

1. Legal – A master service agreement will be required. Some clauses may require further attention, or an additional contractual agreement may have to be established altogether. Most countries have similar regulations, such as data privacy, but it’s important to take on board all the nuances. What are the differences between GDPR and PIPL, for example? Increasingly strict Net Zero agreements and pledges are proving commonplace. Works councils play a pivotal role in evaluating the impact of the programme; collaboration and involvement is paramount as ultimately works councils can veto or delay a launch.

2. IT integration – not only do you need to consider how your audience will access their programme but also how significant, detailed employee data will be transferred on a regular basis.  Format of data, secure transfer methods, and any payroll reporting all demand attention.

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3. Finance – global programmes can potentially involve multiple currencies and certainly different tax laws.  While considering how the programme itself will be funded, it’s crucial for the ongoing success of the programme to consider country by country any tax implications that may have an effect at an employee level.

4. Programme design – attention should be given during implementation to reporting and analytics.  This will prove invaluable when reviewing the programme’s structure and participant engagement and shouldn’t be an afterthought.

5. Communications – a robust communications plan will support and enhance programme engagement, not only at launch but for the lifetime of the programme. Due consideration to language, cultures, and diversity, equity and inclusion is paramount.

6. Rewards – no matter your reward approach, be it points, merchandise, experiences, vouchers, company perks, etc, when looking at global implementation you need to consider what reward structure would prove motivational in each country.

Cultural distinction, patterns, and behaviours are all crucial to engaging employees. But we still need to take this a step further, maximising sustainability across the globe and being prepared to react and adapt to fast-changing social, economic and political situations.

7. Business as usual – prior to launch, processes and procedures for participant support and programme management need to be in place. This includes preparation on a global level to ensure any language and time zones are supported so a smooth delivery from the outset is guaranteed. With a multitude of activity and planning concentrating on the implementation and launch of the programme, this element can be easily overlooked.

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