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01 Sep 2023
by Aishah Newing

Consistency key to managing local benefits challenges, says BSI Group’s Aishah Newing

BSI Group's Global Benefits and Recognition Lead, Aishah Newing, on how it deals with local benefits challenges, particularly during the cost-of-living crisis

From its roots as the world’s first national standards body in London in 1901, BSI has grown significantly, now providing assurance, consulting and regulatory services for medical devices to clients in 195 countries. To do this we employ around 6,000 people across 35 countries. 

To ensure consistency in our employee benefits structure across BSI locations, we set up a global audit and benchmarking project in 2022. This gave us a holistic view of where we are now and where we want to get to. We’re now on the second phase of the project, where we’ve established foundations for benefits across BSI, in line with current local market trends, and are addressing any gaps we find. 

The consideration of local factors means we can’t necessarily provide the same everywhere, but our priority is consistency and fairness where possible. 

Cost-of-living support

This approach is applied when new employee benefits challenges emerge. For example, we recently looked at how the organisation could provide employees with cost-of-living support. We needed to put together a communication strategy around financial wellbeing and the benefits we have that can help. We now offer a discount platform that is available in more BSI locations, whereas previously we only had a discount platform in the US and UK. It’s had really positive feedback from employees. 

Alongside this, we have also been promoting our global EAP and the financial wellbeing support it can provide. Employees can call the EAP for advice about their finances, and access a financial resource centre, which provides country-specific resources that take different tax considerations into account. We will continue to promote this as part of our financial wellbeing strategy. 

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