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15 Jul 2022
by Melis Abacıoğlu

Create a wellbeing experience through wellbeing analytics: for a well-culture start by measuring wellbeing

Understanding employees' needs through listening and data is key to creating a healthy organisation

Create a Wellbeing Experience Through Wellbeing Analytics: For a Well-Culture Start by Measuring Wellbeing main.jpg


The problem
Since the pandemic first began, the issue of employee wellbeing has become a top priority for organisations. Recent studies have shown that the average number of employees who report being "well" is just 32%. Despite the large budgets spent in this area, employers have not been able to fully ensure the wellbeing of their workforce.

The solution 
The first step towards solving this problem is to find the source of the issue. In order to do this, it is essential to change to a management style that “reads” and “listens” to the wellbeing of employees. Understanding employees properly is a tough challenge for companies. In order to build a healthy organisation, they will need to decide which, and how much, of their employees’ data they will listen and pay attention to.

How to do it?
AI-based HR analytics can help organisations to measure wellbeing. While planning the analytics they will look at, human resources departments also need to include metrics that measure the wellbeing of employees - namely ‘wellbeing analytics’.

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