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04 Apr 2024
by Manesh Patel

How regenerating skills is supporting older workers at Adobe, with Manesh Patel

As part of REBA’s Longer working lives: the future of people strategies research, Manesh Patel, senior EMEA financial wellbeing program manager at Adobe, details how they are enabling people to reframe their skills

How regenerating skills is supporting older workers at Adobe, with Manesh Patel.jpg 1


We are seeing a momentum shift. Some employees, when they get older, are thinking about changing job roles. Those in sales may be looking at something more consultative. Engineers might be shifting to something research-based. The specialism remains but the type of role becomes focused on sharing that knowledge with others.

As a way of retaining and expanding our skill set, we have a very generous education and learning fund, which allows people to regenerate their roles with different skills in the same or a different environment.

We also map skills and jobs, undertake succession planning and actively promote internal mobility, allowing employees to move into different roles in different parts of the business. Alumni groups are becoming more prevalent, too. Some age groups want to still be maintained in the business but not in a fully working capacity.

Employees are also focused on how the company’s values and culture fit their own, rather than just thinking about what the job will give them. Benefits, wellbeing, culture, flexibility and the ability to progress become a real part of whether individuals can find a home at the company or not. Older employees are staying longer now, too, and they don’t mind working longer because that balance is there.

We’ve moved towards a persona-based engagement model of reward. We give information to employees based on situations they are currently in, and what they need to navigate this stage of their career. Because it is now story-based communication, rather than a blanket approach, the reaction has been hugely positive.