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23 Nov 2023

Kirsten Watts of Barnett Waddingham: Aligning your benefits strategy to meet sustainability and ESG goals

Kirsten Watts, Associate at Barnett Waddingham, speaks at the REBA Future Forum 2023.

This 20-minute video from REBA’s Future Forum investigates ways to align and implement your benefits strategy to meet business sustainability and ESG goals. It covers:

  • Understanding your suppliers' green credentials: asking the right questions to ensure they align with your corporate ESG goals and targets
  • Taking employees on the sustainability journey: using incentives and rewards to encourage behaviours and actions that help employees to make sustainable choices (and in turn support employers to meet corporate sustainability objectives)
  • Working with providers to push for policy change and tax incentives on green and climate-friendly benefits.

In partnership with Barnett Waddingham

Everything we stand for at Barnett Waddingham is embedded in our promise – to do the right thing. We’ve applied this meaningful principle across all aspects of our business with continued success.

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