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McAfee paper: the top five strategies for improving digital wellness

Technology is now central to the workplace, making digital wellness more vital. This paper describes how best to support digital wellbeing

Today’s organisations prioritise employee wellbeing as never before. Because so many people spend most of their workdays on computing devices, digital wellness has become especially critical to employee wellbeing. 

This paper outlines five key strategies organisations can adopt to boost digital wellness in their workforces:

1.    Leverage the right technologies and support.
2.    Formulate the right policies and guidelines.
3.    Engage in the right communications.
4.    Implement the right training and education.
5.    Offer the right set of benefits.

This paper alludes to data from the HR Research Institute’s survey on Digital Wellness that was fielded in 2023 in partnership with McAfee, the global computer security software company. The survey had 204 respondents from a wide range of industry verticals, all of them being HR professionals from large organizations (at least 1,000 employees) in the United States.

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