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21 Apr 2016

Me2 - the new engagement and education portal (video)


Me2 - unique, like you from Barnett Waddingham on Vimeo.

Out with the old….

It has been clear to us for some time that the vast majority of benefit platforms offer a convenient way to facilitate choice but do very little by way of engaging the employee.

Almost all employers will say that their employees are their greatest asset.  If this is true, then maximising a return from that asset and engaging with employees in a more proactive way - considering what their issues are, providing education on the available options and intuitively helping them to decide what is relevant is surely the best course of action.

Unless we engage with our employees in a more personalised way and move away from a blanket approach we are at risk of causing apathy and wasting our sizeable expenditure on benefit provision.

If we can get it right and actually involve our employees in the process, rather than assuming we know what is best for them, we will create an engaged workforce that is high in wellbeing and importantly, one that provides a return on investment.

In with Me2…

Our philosophy centres around our independent consultancy, where we help clients analyse their workforce and determine risks, build strategies to combat those risks and then facilitate that strategy to the employee.

Analyse > Build > Engage > Govern

It is often at the point where the strategy needs to be facilitated and made accessible to the employee that the process fails, engagement and take up is poor, and the investment is lost.

We believe in doing this differently and have created our own engagement portal called Me2.

While Me 2 is also a benefit choice and flex engine it is primarily an education and engagement portal that intuitively signposts employees to areas that are relevant to them based upon initial analytics. Unlike other platforms Me2 doesn’t just provide a long list of benefits, it categorises benefits and education into distinct pillars simplifying the process for employees.


Me2 proactively signposts employees to the pillars specifically identified by them as areas of concern. This ensures that each individual’s primary focus is on the education and solutions pertinent to them.

Also catering for anytime benefits, holiday and absence planning and total reward, Me2 is designed to be a one stop shop for an entire benefit, reward and wellbeing strategy.

For more information or to arrange a Me2 demo please visit https://www.barnett-waddingham.co.uk/services/me2

This promotional article was provided by Barnett Waddingham.

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