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03 Jan 2024
by Samantha Barrett

More focus on prevention will benefit health and wellbeing strategies – Aviva’s Debbie Bullock

Insurer’s Wellbeing Lead says better health education and prevention can help employees stay well and productive for longer

More focus on prevention will benefit health and wellbeing strategies – Aviva’s Debbie Bullock.jpg


Shifting workforce demographics have made ill-health prevention more important, says Debbie Bullock, UK&I Wellbeing Lead at Aviva. 

Speaking on the Working trends which are changing health and wellbeing strategies REBA webinar on 5 July 2023, Bullock said an ageing population is forcing a rethink on workplace health and wellbeing. 

“We need to re-engage the over-50s. There are over a million job vacancies in the UK and we need to reach out to that group and the experience these people bring,” said Bullock. 

This shift to an older workplace demographic was reflected in REBA’s poll of webinar attendees. Two-thirds (69%) expect the age demographic of their UK workforce to increase in the next 10 years, with just 9% believing the average age of their workforce will fall over the decade and 22% predicting no change.

Health can be an issue for older employees, with government data showing that, on average, health declines from state retirement age. “As the workforce ages, we need to think about how we can keep our colleagues as healthy as possible,” said Bullock. “Education can help people make wiser choices and stay healthier for longer.” 

Encouraging employees to adopt healthier lifestyles has significant financial benefits for employers too. “If you invest in prevention rather than intervention it will eventually save you money through reduced presenteeism, turnover and so on,” she said.  

Health insurance benefits also recognise this workforce shift, with the addition of support for menopause, gender identity and other life stage needs. “This focus on prevention benefits insurers’ claims history and costs. It’s better for everyone,” added Bullock. 

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