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20 Dec 2023
by Samantha Barrett

Nikolaos Koutrakis of Colt Technology Services on how to ensure recognition is inclusive and fair

Incorporating diverse perspectives from across the workforce must be the priority when designing a fair recognition programme

Nikolaos Koutrakis of Colt Technology Services on how to ensure recognition is inclusive and fair .jpg


Involving employees in the design of a recognition programme is key to engaging everyone, says Nikolaos Koutrakis, Vice-President of Reward at Colt Technology Services.

Speaking on the New recognition strategies to increase purpose, resonance and inclusivity REBA webinar on 8 June 2023, Koutrakis said organisations should “incorporate diverse perspectives into planning for recognition”. 

He said: “Don’t sit in a silo and come up with what you think would work: seek employees’ input and feedback to ensure the programme is inclusive and meaningful to them.”

Objective criteria also help to drive fairness in recognition. “Make sure you have very clear and transparent criteria for awards. Presentations should be based on measurable performance metrics and achievements. This helps to eliminate subjective biases,” he added.

Koutrakis also recommended providing training and education around the recognition programme to raise awareness and ensure everyone understands its purpose. “Celebrate the diverse stories and experiences too,” he said. 

“Make sure that people understand that not everybody has the same experience and, for some, it may be harder to achieve goals based on the characteristics they have.” 

He also stressed that programmes should be regularly evaluated and adapted to suit needs. “Continuously look at different, fresh perspectives and try to incorporate them into your strategy. You can’t have a one-size-fits-all approach,” he added.  


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