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21 Mar 2024

REBA product guide to electric vehicle salary sacrifice

Electric vehicle (EV) salary sacrifice schemes are an increasingly popular benefit for attracting and retaining employees, as well as contributing to a green benefits agenda. This REBA product guide, in association with Tusker, has all the practical information and insights you need for selecting and implementing the right EV solution for your business.

Offering an EV salary sacrifice scheme is tax-efficient for both employee and employer, as well as giving employees great potential cost savings when accessing a new vehicle. 

It also has benefits in terms of enhancing an employer’s ESG strategy by reducing employees’ carbon footprint and enabling businesses to offer an environmentally-friendly benefit. 

Yet introducing a scheme can seem daunting, with concerns around the tax arrangements, the practicalities of running the scheme from a HR perspective, as well as the responsibilities in terms of maintaining a vehicle.

REBA’s product guide aims to provide facts, tips and insights into implementing an EV salary sacrifice scheme and to help you select the right solution for your organisation.

Download the guide to discover: 

  • How to set up salary sacrifice for EV car benefits, including eligibility criteria
  • Tax, National Insurance and Benefit in Kind considerations, including examples of the savings that can be made
  • Key product considerations when selecting a scheme provider
  • Five key questions to ask suppliers when procuring this benefit
  • How to develop an EV charging policy.
  • Communicating the benefit: from roll-out to take-up

This one-stop-shop should arm you with all you need to know to go out and find the most suitable EV salary sacrifice provider for your organisation.

Alison Argall

Alison Argall

Business Development Director, Tusker

Dawn Lewis

Dawn Lewis

Content Editor, Reward & Employee Benefits Association

Maggie Williams

Maggie Williams

Content Consultant, Reward & Employee Benefits Association

In partnership with Tusker

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