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13 Jul 2022

REBA Technical Training Guide to Women's Health

This technical guide from REBA, in association with Simplyhealth, explores the health needs and experiences of women. Full of practical tips, industry insights and expert knowledge, this guide shows employers how they can support female talent and their wellbeing.

REBA’s DEI Benefits Research 2022 found that 60% of employers struggle to recruit or retain female talent. Over a third (36%) say that they lose key talent when they become parents (likely to disproportionately affect women), and almost one in five (18%) say that they lose key talent due to the menopause. 

These figures show that supporting women’s health – physical, mental, financial and social – is in employers’ as well as individual employees’ best interests. Creating an employee value proposition and benefits strategy that works for all the people that you want to recruit and retain, not just the traditional male workforce, is now imperative.

In this new practical guide from REBA, in association with Simplyhealth, we explore the health needs and experiences of women at different stages of their working lives and the impact that those can have on their work and long-term career opportunities. 

What you will find out about:

  • The government-led Women's Health Strategy and the workplace
  • Suggestions for changes in policies, benefits and communications
  • Gynaecological health conditions for inclusion in health and wellbeing policies
  • Useful free resources for employers
  • Support for employees through fertility & pregnancy
  • Working mums: balancing work and raising a family
  • Making maternity leave work
  • Menopause: workplace pledge & common symptoms of menopause.

Report authors

Samantha Barrett

Samantha Barrett

Freelance journalist specialising in employee benefits, protection and personal finance

Sian Evans

Sian Evans

Head of leadership and development, Simplyhealth

Maggie Williams

Maggie Williams

Content Consultant, Reward & Employee Benefits Association

In partnership with Simplyhealth

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