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07 Mar 2023

REBA Technical Training Guide: Creating a Sustainable Rewards Strategy

This technical guide from REBA, in association with Simplyhealth, explores how to get started with making reward and benefits practices and strategies more sustainable. Full of practical tips, it provides a great starting point for any organisation wanting to implement and improve its approach to sustainable reward and benefits.

Sustainability is a business issue, and is increasingly an HR, reward and benefits issue too. Businesses are not just considering how to make their products and services more sustainable, but also exploring how this approach filters down to the benefits they offer and how to support individual employees to lead more sustainable lives both at work and home.

With this is in mind, employers are beginning to consider how sustainable their benefits providers are, how to link pay incentives with sustainability targets and to consider sustainability when making reward and benefits decisions. Perhaps most importantly, employers are now considering how their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) aligns with and demonstrates their organisation’s sustainability credentials.

The direction of travel is clear. With the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda permeating all areas of business, reward and HR professionals must take a more sustainable approach to their reward strategy and provide an EVP that takes into account wellbeing, equity and community. But where to start?

In this practical guide from REBA, in association with Simplyhealth, we explore how to get started with making reward and benefits practices and strategies more sustainable. There are tips and recommendations that will prove a great starting point for any organisation. 

You’ll also find insights from Simplyhealth – which has recently achieved B-Corp accreditation – to help ensure your EVP is aligned to your organisation’s ESG aims and provides a sustainable, equitable and wellbeing-focused approach for employees of today and tomorrow.

What you will find out about:

  • What sustainability in the context of reward strategy is
  • Four key reasons why organisations should adopt a sustainable rewards strategy
  • How to create a sustainable rewards strategy
  • The dos and don’ts of sustainable reward    
  • How to become a B Corp
Samantha Barrett

Samantha Barrett

Freelance journalist specialising in employee benefits, protection and personal finance

Dawn Lewis

Dawn Lewis

Content Editor, Reward & Employee Benefits Association

Jenni Wilson

Jenni Wilson

Director of sales, Simplyhealth

In partnership with Simplyhealth

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