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Report: Shaping a brighter future of work: Global and local market insights

Fresh insights about national economic responses to the pandemic and how the future of the world of work and social protection have in many ways already arrived.

Report: Shaping a brighter future of work: Global and local market insights 1

Zurich’s latest research gathers on-the-ground views from senior leaders in 17 countries across five continents deepening our understanding on how Covid-19 is reshaping the landscape of reskilling, awareness of and action on retirement savings gaps, the market for insurance, and the relationship between public and private provision of vaccines and other protections against the virus’s spread.

The report sets out a number of recommendations for employers, including:

  • Conduct independent (and ideally long-term) assessments of existing wellbeing programs to identify what is effective – and what is not.
  • Be aware of increasing responsibilities for accommodating workers with physical and/or mental problems. Careful management creates mutual benefits.
  • Begin education and engagement on retirement early in workers’ careers and sustain efforts over time. With the help of plan sponsors, people must be encouraged to overcome short-term worries and plan for their long-term financial security.
  • Consider auto-enrolment of employees into protection plans.

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