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Research: 2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement

Aon’s latest report examines how forces such as improving economics and greater stability are likely causing an all-time high with employee engagement. 

Research: 2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement 1

Key findings

  • 65 per cent of employees fall into the “Highly” or “Moderately” engaged categories in the survey, which is a two-point increase from the previous year across each of the three engagement measures which have been indexed.
  • The leading determining factor for engagement was Rewards & Recognition, closely followed by Senior Leadership, Career & Development, Employee Value Proposition and Enabling Infrastructure.
  • In the UK, engagement fell three points, representing the largest decrease among the 29 biggest global economies. The murky path of Brexit is likely a contributing factor to this decline.

Aon Hewitt’s study measured employee engagement by analysing data from more than 1,000 organisations across the globe from more than 60 industries. Companies ranged in size from 100 employees to the most complex international organisations.

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