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30 Sep 2021
by Anna Scott

Video tutorial: Disrupting damaging money habits to build inclusive financial wellbeing strategies

Wellbeing has gone from being a nice-to-have for employees to being a must-have, according to Jeremy Beament, co-founder and director of nudge. In its global survey of 11,500 workers, nudge found that 49% of workers from around the world surveyed by nudge say they feel “excluded from the financial eco-system”.

Organisations should consider adopting global wellbeing programmes that grow uptake and engagement with existing programmes, provide a globally consistent experience and a global set of management information.

“Employers see wellbeing as mission critical, and increasingly want to take a global approach to wellbeing,” he said. “Global financial wellbeing programmes are at the leading edge of HR, let alone benefits, let alone wellbeing. This is one of the most interesting and rewarding programmes that you can deliver for your people.”

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