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Whitepaper: Attracting and retaining Millennial Professionals

Millennials – a group of people often characterised as seeking more meaningful experiences through work, rather than traditional pay and benefits – have been made the subject of specific research by Robert Walters.

Report: Attracting and retaining Millennial Professionals 1

After surveying more than 300 hiring managers and 228 professionals the results of these conversations shatter some of these popular myths. It finds:

  • Career progression is what keeps 69% of millennials engaged at work
  • Some 71% of millennials want clearer guidelines about how they earn bonuses and get promotions
  • Being able to get a higher salary is the top reason (by 25%) millennials quit their jobs

It warns that because 91% of millennials say rapid career progression is important to them, employers should ‘be mindful of this’.

As firms move out of economic certainty, is also advises employers that millennials ‘will expect their salaries to catch up with their expectations’.