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Workhuman whitepaper: Increase employee engagement in times of change

Workhuman outlines six key workplace practices that can drive positive employee experiences and engagement.

If you’re like many HR leaders right now, you’re doubling down on your efforts to keep engagement high as you face the dramatic and dynamic changes that have taken place in the world of work.

Workhuman research has found that organisations need to have effective leaders and managers who can provide a high level of clarity and direction to employees, and focus on the human workplace practices that drive positive employee experiences and engagement, including:

1. Build organisational trust
2. Nurture co-worker relationships
3. Focus on the meaning behind the work
4. Build recognition and feedback into the workflow
5. Ensure all employee voices are heard
6. Strive for work-life harmony

Read on to learn how you can start implementing these 6 strategies at your own organisation.

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