FDM Group's Paula Leach on the need to rethink resourcing for the future workplace

Paula Leach, FDM Group chief people officer looks at what the future of work might be and how organisations need to rethink resourcing for the future workplace.

As part of her talk at Reba Innovation Day 2019, Leach put forward two concepts to consider when facing the future of the workplace.

The first was to move towards more proactive investment in employees. This includes with a focus on fair and transparent reward, tailored benefits and making individuals feel heard within the organisation, as opposed to taking a reactive stance with HR professionals having to tackle complaints, low engagement scores and EAP services after the fact.

"I guarantee investment in this proactive space will more than double your investment," stated Leach.

The second concept was to look at strategic workforce planning whereby HR leaders look at where they are today and where they want to be, and the work that needs to be done to achieve this. Leach explained that she uses five "lenses" to define the future state of her organisation: 

  • FTE/Headcount/Budget
  • diversity representation 
  • geography
  • skills
  • wellbeing.

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