Fiona Deal of Network Homes outlines why cultural change is vital for any business

Fiona Deal, FCIPD, Executive Director of People and Technology at Network Homes discusses the impact of workplace culture and how cultural change can be a launchpad for a business' digital transformation.

In her Innovation Day speech, Deal set out her approach when coming to work for Network Homes was to focus on getting the culture of the company right ahead of the strategies. 

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast! And what I mean by that is you can have all the best strategies in the world, they can be written  on the most beautiful documents, stored on your intranet but if your people don’t believe in them, if they don’t come to life through the culture you have got then they remain words on a document and they never live and breathe in the organisation," Deal said.

The cultural journey the company has taken has prompted a digital transformation programme to be instituted too which includes looking at using smarter technology at work and also for customer services. 

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