Seven ideas to help create a healthy and happy office

Employee health and wellbeing has been gaining attention recently, with its links to employee engagement and business productivity. Organisations of all sizes are putting in the effort to create happier and healthier work environments. Employee wellbeing is central to many business strategies.

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It’s not always easy to put together a wellbeing programme, though. There’s some trial and error involved. While activities should be fun and engaging, they should also fall in line with your business culture.

Here are seven ideas to incorporate into any wellbeing agenda: 

 1. Provide healthy snacks

Avoid snack foods like crisps, sweets and chocolate bars. Instead, provide snacks like fruit, nuts and vegetable crisp alternatives. These boost energy, increase brainpower and dodge the sugar crash that comes from breakfasting on chocolate.

Make these changes wherever you find snacks—canteens, social areas and any vending machines on the premises. 

2. Education

Knowledge is power when it comes to increasing employee wellbeing. Employers should consider displaying posters covering a variety of topics. Healthy eating, managing stress and balancing your work and life are good subjects—encourage employees to suggest ideas. 

3. Ask your employees

Encourage employee feedback. Sourcing feedback is something that employers often forget to do. It may seem that you are making positive strides by making changes to the office environment, but will they actually benefit your employees? Employee feedback will help you develop a more informed strategy, increasing and supporting workplace health and wellbeing.

 4. Encourage employees to get active

This can include encouraging employees to take regular breaks from their desks and move around the office, or even organising in-house or external exercise classes. For example, arranging sports teams will not only improve employees’ physical fitness, but will also improve their mental health—socialising with colleagues outside their work environment will bring positives.

5. Share personal goals

Many employees see their work environment as a place to grow and develop on both a professional and personal level. Encourage your employees to share their goals and aspirations on a communal marker board—this is a great way to create a happier atmosphere.

 6. Celebrate achievements

Demonstrating that you value and appreciate the effort and contributions of your employees will help to improve workplace morale. Your employees will feel more engaged and connected to the organisation and the work they do. This could include celebrating an employee’s work publicly, or handing out fun monthly awards such as ‘The Hammer & Nail Award’, celebrating those who always think of fixes and solutions. Ask your senior members of staff to nominate an ‘Employee of the Month’.

 7. Charitable work

There are few things more fulfilling than being able to transfer the success from your organisation into helping others. The positive emotions associated with getting involved within the local community and contributing towards positive change outweigh any material gain. Encourage your employees to participate in charity days or events; for example, food and clothing drives, fundraising fitness challenges or workplace fun days.

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