Video tutorial: Coutts & Co's Michael Heyworth on how to avoid wellbeing fatigue and keep momentum

Does wellbeing feel a bit stale and a bit boring, and do employees actually care about it? That was the question posed recently by Michael Heyworth, executive director at Coutts & Co.

Speaking at the Employee Wellbeing Congress 2018, he said organisations had to work hard to maintain the momentum of wellbeing programmes to avoid wellbeing fatigue.

“Don’t use all your ideas in one go. Drip feed it out. Wellbeing is for the long-term not just for the initial hit,” he said.

He also stressed the importance of reminding staff how far such wellbeing strategies had come, so that they recalled what their organisations were like before wellbeing strategies were introduced.

Companies should also use thought leadership rather than just initiatives, said Heyworth.

After refreshing the agenda around wellbeing he said organisations should look at refreshing the people too. “It is tiring work, so rotate the people who are having the conversations and working in the wellbeing team,” he said.

This video was recorded at the Employee Wellbeing Congress 2018, held in London on 5 July.

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