Video tutorial: The intranet of me: how the future is an audience of one

Every single technology is moving more and more into the world of personalisation, according to Matt Macri-Waller, founder and CEO of Benefex. “It’s the idea everything in our lives is becoming more and more personalised,” he said.

Speaking at the REBA Innovation Day he talked about the three needs of personalisation – how to get attention, how to think about experience and how to use simplicity to help people engage and get involved.

“There is no doubting at all we are in the age of information overload,” he said. As employers he said it was important to cut through such noise rather than add to the information overload problem.

“We’ve got to think about what message allows us to get through to people,” he said. Employers need to use technology better to get the attention of employees, he said, with use of options such as artificial intelligence to help sift and filter what is put in front of employees.

When it comes to designing meaningful experiences Macri-Waller said that organisations had to make sure not to simplify processes that didn't work and instead to go back and review what they were doing in terms of employee experience and design. "Break everything down and zoom into the issue," he said.

He also urged delegates to adopt technology with as small a number of barriers as possible. Complexity should be hidden from the employee so that the experience for them is also as simple as possible, he said. "It's about designing for the intention of what you wanted to do," he said. 

This video tutorial was recorded at the REBA Innovation Day 2017, which took place on 23 November, 2017.

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