Report: 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement

Global economic and political changes are having an impact on employee engagement, according to findings from Aon Hewitt. Current uncertainties present new challenges for HR, which must take action to address declines in engagement.

Key findings:

  • Europe, which has the lowest engagement of all the regions, saw employee engagement drop by two points to 58 per cent, giving up the gains experienced in the previous year.
  • The Brexit vote had little effect on net engagement in the UK (+1 pt), but it is likely there is more significant engagement/disengagement movement beneath the surface.
  • The UK has the second-largest economy in the European Union, and while their engagement rose slightly, engagement levels for eight of the nine other countries making up the top 10, saw engagement fall or stay flat.

The study measured employee engagement data from more than 1,000 organisations around the globe. It covers firms with as few as 100 employees through to those with hundreds of thousands of staff. More than 60 industries were represented in the study.