Report: Employee Engagement and Benefits

This REBA report, in association with The Times, offers a series of articles looking at the role of leaders, government, communication, wellness and wellbeing in the workplace.

Key articles:

  • Engaging the disengaged leaders: The pivotal importance of engaged leadership must not be overlooked in the drive to achieve employee engagement.
  • Legislating to increase engagement? Government has a central role to play in offering incentives to organisations to promote staff engagement, yet there have been cutbacks.
  • Making sense of 'mythical' millennials: There are many widely held beliefs concerning millennials at work, but are they valuable pointers for managers wishing to engage this important swathe of staff or simply pointless myths?
  • Let's all talk and keep up personal contact: Sometimes seen as the answer to staffing problems, human resources technology cannot replace face-to-face chat.
  • Happy Danes work shorter hours than UK: The Danes consistently rank as one of the world's happiest workforces, but what makes this country unique?