Report: Employee Engagement and Benefits

REBA partnered with Raconteur to produce this report on employee engagement and benefits, published in The Times. It offers a series of articles on understanding employee behaviour, alternative benefits to boost engagement and creating a company culture in a global business.

Key articles

  • Brains behind science of engagement – experts in neuroscience and psychology are combining to improve understanding of employee behaviour in a bid to boost engagement.
  • Top employers are helping with city housing – housing shortages and sky-high rents have left employers worried about recruiting and retaining top talent, so now some are taking action.
  • Stress at work is not always a bad thing – contrary to enlightened practice, attempting to eliminate all stress from the workplace may not be best for the individual or the organisation.
  • Giving stars time off lifts performance – incentivising top performers with time off rather than just cash bonuses is not widespread, but some believe it could boost profitability.
  • Friends can bring out the best in each other – having a best friend at work can make you feel happy, and therefore more engaged and productive.
  • Exporting culture with business – bringing together a global workforce to gel with company culture will result in greater employee engagement and staff retention.