Report: The DNA of Financial Wellbeing Report 2019/20

Now in its fourth year, Neyber’s research report into financial wellbeing found that, despite a maturing of the financial wellbeing space, employees are still struggling.

Key findings

  • For the third year running, ‘financial worries’ has been the top concern of employees in the UK. Later life/retirement provision has risen in importance, from third to second place.
  • Three in five employees (62%) say they are affected by money worries – a figure that has not changed much in the past four years.
  • The research suggests that in the UK, financial worries lead to 1.63 million employees taking time off work, nearly three million employees struggling to focus at work and 3.6 million employees looking for a new job.
  • Only 22% of employers see offering financial wellbeing support as a valuable benefit for the company.

The research involved more than 11,000 employees and 720 employers. Since 2016, it has surveyed over 42,000 people, making it the largest research of its kind.