White paper: The Backroom to the Board: The Rise of HR

This paper from Benify provides insights and findings about the rise of HR, and aims to inspire professionals to use new technologies and discover new ways of communicating with the workforce.

Key findings

  • More than 40 per cent of organisations are working to improve or develop a new HR systems strategy.
  • Over a quarter of HR professionals say their workforce planning has already been impacted by AI and automation. Within five years that proportion is on track to be at least 70 per cent.
  • Only 14 per cent of companies are very satisfied with their HR analytics technologies, while of the companies that have implemented HR analytics modules, half report low adoption rates of analytical programmes.
  • 76 per cent of organisations see the value in predictive analytics, but only 30 per cent are doing anything related to predictive analytics.

In particular, this paper looks at the evolution of rewards management, as well as workplace culture and employee experience.