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15 Feb 2024
by Anna Scott

3 trends that will shape reward and benefits in 2024 – Workhuman’s David Burke

Culture, AI and flexibility will be the watchwords over the next year

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Culture will be high on the agenda for businesses and organisations in 2024, according to David Burke, Workhuman’s Head of Global Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand.

Burke told REBA’s Drivers of employee benefits trends for 2024 webinar, run with strategic partner Workhuman, on 17 January that culture was “a very broad term, but it does have a big impact for our employees”.

Drawing on a large data set formed from about 8 million active users on its platform, Workhuman highlighted three key trends for 2024. 

Encompassing how a company presents itself to the world, and how prepared it is to change, culture has deep connections to employee wellbeing, Burke said. “We saw that when employers recognise the work that they do [employees are] three times more likely to feel to feel connected to culture,” he added.

AI will continue to integrate with our daily lives, both personally and professionally, Burke said. “There are clear indicators that AI will really help us unlock personalisation for benefits practitioners and programmes,” he added.

The third trend he outlined was flexibility which “has a very big application for a relatively small word”. Burke added: “In terms of how we approach our work, how we offer programmes to people, this all goes hand-in-hand with digital transformation.”

A poll conducted during the webinar found that 39% of viewers offer most or all their benefits digital-only, 37% have more digital than analogue and 20% have more analogue than digital. A small proportion (4%) offer most or all benefits as analogue.

Burke warned there are unexpected areas where HR policies might be hindered by fast-changing working processes and practices. “With any fast-paced deployment of new technologies or processes, we often have a lag from a policy perspective. When you lean into personalised individual, flexible, innovative technologies and processes and programmes, there’s work to do from a policy perspective,” he added.

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