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23 Jan 2024
by Adam Mason

5 ways global benefits technology is key to improving employee experience

With 80% of workers globally not having easy desktop access, benefits technology simplifies the benefits process

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Expectations have risen in relation to every aspect of the employee experience. Most employees say their expectations of their experiences at work have increased in the last 12 months – only 26% of employees see their employee benefits experiences as excellent, and 47% want better technology to make benefits simpler and easier to engage with.

To meet these ever-higher standards, the role of global benefits technology has evolved. It’s no longer just about delivering employee benefits (although it should, of course, do that seamlessly), but about creating a digital home for global employee experience across benefits, wellbeing, reward, recognition and culture.

5 ways organisations are using global benefits technology to improve employee experiences:

1. Helping employees make the right benefits choices

Nearly half (48%) of employers with global benefits technology in place say it helps them demonstrate the value of everything they offer employees. For the 80% of organisations without benefits technology, benefits engagement can be challenging, as employees navigate disparate systems, platforms and communications to find what they need.

Benefits technology simplifies benefits for employees, aiding understanding and easy selection in one place.

Many employers use educational content within the benefits platform (such as FAQs, explainer videos and social proof) to support employee decision making. And benefits platforms are increasingly enabling greater personalisation here, so employees can choose topics of interest and subscribe to relevant content streams.

2. Delivering consistent global benefits experiences

Wherever your employees are based, the technology you use to deliver benefits can help create a unified global employee experience. Just 23% of employees rate their employee benefits technology as good (compared with 30% in 2022) and, with expectations continuing to rise, the right technology is the foundation of global benefits success.

Almost one-third (29%) of global HR leaders are using global benefits technology to deliver a consistent global employee experience and this figure is growing as more organisations look to deliver an exceptional experience for all employees – regardless of location.

Even if the benefits offered in each region differ, a centralised benefits platform ensures a consistent, recognisable and intuitive experience – which is especially important for global organisations with employees moving between regions. Integrated third-party tools also provide employees with quick access to the rest of the HR stack through single sign-on.

3. Creating a home for reward, benefits, wellbeing and culture

Forward-thinking companies are using their benefits platform to communicate their stories and content around values, behaviours and culture. By using their benefits platform as a focal point for the employee experience, organisations are strengthening their cultural identity and fostering a workplace where employees feel connected, valued and inspired. A significant 32% of global employers already use benefits technology to support company values and purpose, a trend expected to grow.

Beyond sharing what’s on offer, benefits platforms are increasingly being used to show how benefits, reward and recognition support the organisation’s culture, purpose and mission – as well as environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG)  and diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI) goals.

For example, showcasing how uptake of an electric vehicle benefit has cut CO2 output is a tangible way to show progress towards environmental goals and can encourage more employees to explore that benefit. Given that 55% of us say high ethical standards are important when choosing an employer, interest in green benefits – and their impact – is likely to continue to increase.

And by bringing together wellbeing resources, content and apps in one place (on a global benefits technology platform), employees are more easily able to find the support they’re looking for. Employers can more easily signpost their people to relevant benefits, resources, content and support. And the self-service nature of the benefits platform means that employees can engage in wellbeing resources wherever and however they like.

4. Engaging remote or deskless employees

Despite accounting for around 80% of the global workforce, deskless employees have rarely been able to get the same experiences as those that work in an office. Deskless workers often spend their time serving customers, on the shop floor, in a warehouse, or on the move – which can leave them feeling disconnected from their organisation, managers and colleagues.

By using a new generation benefits platform as a home for the employee experience, companies can communicate their culture to employees across all levels, regardless of their role or location – including those who aren’t at a desk or computer every day. A digital solution means everyone has access to the same resources, benefits, wellbeing support and insight into what’s happening across the business.

5. Creating hyper-personalised employee experiences

Employees feel benefits provision could be more relevant and personalised – 57% of employees said this was the number one way the benefits experience could be improved. So it’s no surprise that employers are looking to create more tailored and personalised experiences by using benefits technology and automation in a scalable way.

One way that employers are creating more personalised experience is through matching content and benefits to the life events that employees are experiencing – for example, getting married, moving between countries, moving house, having a child, or getting a promotion. By guiding employees through how the benefits on offer can support them through each of these life events, employers are providing their people with a more meaningful experience, almost as if they had a benefits expert taking them through the options.

Benefit Allowances are also growing in popularity because they can be offered universally and provide maximum choice and flexibility – they deliver the ultimate personalisation. Employees can choose (within your rules) to make absolutely anything a benefit: Netflix, Spotify, Hellofresh, food from Deliveroo or JustEat; anything you allow.

Global benefits technology is now the home of the employee experience

Global employee benefits platforms have evolved from a resource that employees access once a year at annual benefits enrolments to an everyday tool. These platforms can and should allow organisations to bring together their reward, benefit and wellbeing offering for an employee into one place, but with an tight focus on personalisation. Bringing these elements together creates an experience that best showcases the organisation’s employee value proposition and culture.

As working patterns are increasingly remote and global, benefits technology can help you attract, engage and retain the best people. So, it’s unsurprising that 72% of global businesses are considering implementing a global benefits platform – and 14% already have a global platform in place.

To learn more about how your benefits technology can help drive employee engagement, read Benefex’s report, The 5 outcomes your employee benefits technology should be driving this year.

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