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Aon research: HR Future Focus Survey

Aon invited HR professionals to complete a new type of survey, which utilises neuroscience, to understand their current and future people challenges

Aon believes its approach uncovers far more than traditional surveys and allows for greater understanding about how HR professionals truly feel about their organisation’s people approach. 

Aon’s neuroscience approach is unique because it allows it to understand what people really feel, and not just what they were prepared to say. By getting to the core of a respondent’s thoughts and feelings, the various biases associated with traditional surveys can be avoided, ensuring organisations have the right data to implement the right solutions for their people.

Alongside the neuroscience survey, Aon also asked all attendees to respond to a traditional survey to allow it to compare the results. The overall neuroscientific responses differed by as much as 39% compared to the traditional survey.

In the current economic climate, it’s never been more important to gain a deeper understanding of what employees are truly feeling. And not just what they’re prepared to tell you.

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