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21 Jul 2023
by Becky Hart

Becky Hart of Investec on how its EVP has changed – and why that is important

Becky Hart, pensions and benefits manager, explains how the business has embraced ESG and DEI and reflects that in its benefits offering.

Becky Hart of Investec on how its EVP has changed – and why that is important.jpg


Investec’s employee value proposition (EVP) has evolved to reflect change in our business and to help employees understand the value of our benefits offering. Some of our areas of focus are:

  • Support our approach to client service: Technology is the biggest driver of business transformation for us over the next two years. We are constantly adapting and growing our client base and need to understand their needs and increased demands for personalised experiences. This links to our EVP. For us, a client is everybody’s client. Each one has individual needs, so we need to be flexible and able to adapt to those requirements.
  • Live in society, not off it: People want to work for a company that does more than just make money. They want to know it is making a difference. We want to show that in the benefits we offer, volunteering days, charitable giving and the networks we’re setting up across the organisation for employees. We are looking at our wealth funds and pension schemes to make sure they are sustainable and ESG-focused.
  • Focus on diversity, equity and belonging: We’ve always had an open and collaborative culture that has been led from the top. Our EVP is aligned to the idea of bringing your whole self to work. We want people to feel comfortable to share ideas, progress, collaborate and be self-driven. We’re making sure we’re offer the right flexible working patterns for people and have focused on moving from a traditional benefits proposition to a more holistic one.
  • Support moments that matter: In our benefits strategy we want to make sure we have benefits that support people throughout their journey. We’ve evolved aspects of our private medical scheme, such as offering neurodiversity diagnoses, to support that.
  • Encourage feedback: We’re focused on encouraging employee feedback and listening closely to them to boost engagement