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05 Jul 2024
by Charlotte Morgan

Charlotte Morgan outlines the benefits of preventative healthcare and data at AtkinsRéalis 

Writing in REBA’s Employee Wellbeing Research 2024, AtkinsRéalis’ employee benefits manager explores how it is creating an environment where employees can thrive, flourish and achieve

Charlotte Morgan outlines the benefits of preventative healthcare and data at AtkinsRéalis .jpg


Design, engineering and project management organisation AtkinsRéalis employs 37,000 people across six continents, representing 130 nationalities, speaking more than 70 languages.

Our wellbeing benefits are a crucial part of our overall global wellbeing strategy to create an environment where employees can thrive, flourish and achieve their full potential. We currently have three focus areas:

1. Getting the basics right, including making sure employees know how to access the employee assistance programme and understand that it is confidential
2. Making our benefits more inclusive – for example, in men’s health, fertility and menopause
3. Preventative healthcare expanding our Thrive programme – an overarching approach to wellbeing across the entire organisation.

Source of inspiration

We want to inspire healthy habits and a personal commitment to health and wellbeing. A part of this work includes understanding how we can prevent health and wellbeing problems before they become an issue. Getting involved early and putting good practices and support in place is a critical part of health and wellbeing support.

We are therefore investigating how we can boost engagement with prevention benefits. Our executive-level employees already have access to in-depth health screenings. We have also launched a new wellbeing app for the entire workforce, offering a suite of preventative and treatment-based health and wellbeing services.

Healthy mindset

Employees can have an annual health check, based on a fingerprick blood test. This examines 20 different health markers and helps get people in the mindset of thinking about their wellbeing and how they can improve their health. The app also comes with a digital GP, nutritional consultations and second medical opinions. This means we can reach the entire workforce and begin to meet our focus on making our benefits more inclusive.

But we also need to focus on data to understand how many employees are using our services and how they engage with them. This will help inform how we further promote the services on offer and increase uptake. A key part of this is using leadership training to ensure that health and wellbeing best practice is a message from the top down.