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Global Talent Trends 2022 Study

Rise of the relatable organisation

Mercer’s latest Global Talent Trends Study uncovers how organisations are taking advantage of the opportunity to redesign work, working and the workplace.

Following the pandemic, Mercer argues that organisations are now carving a new way of partnering that is more human, sustainable and attuned to the ways people want to work. This is leading to the ‘Rise of the Relatable Organisation’. 

This research aims to understand how relatable organisations are resetting for stakeholder relevance, building adaptive capacity in their people and processes, figuring out how to work in partnership and tackle inequalities, driving outcomes on total wellbeing, incentivising employability, and harnessing collective energy.

It highlights five key global talent trends for 2022:

  1. Reset for relevance
  2. Work in partnership
  3. Deliver on total wellbeing
  4. Build for employability
  5. Harness collective energy

Nearly 11,000 people took part in this year’s study, including c-suite executives, HR leaders and employees representing 16 geographies and 13 industries.

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