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24 Nov 2022

Ways to support employees who care for children with mental health issues

Supporting a child with mental health issues can be worrying and stressful, here’s how employers can help

Our research shows that sincs March 2020, a staggering 80% of teens have had symptoms of poor mental health, leaving many parents and guardians feeling worried and anxious about their child’s mental state and wellbeing.

Distracted by worry and stress, many parents or guardians can begin to find the stresses of work much more difficult to cope with, resulting in poor productivity and presentism in the workplace.

During this 7-minute video, Dr Naomi Humber, head of mental wellbeing at Bupa UK, discusses how caring for a child with mental health problems can affect parents or guardians while at work. The video also explores why it’s important for line managers to help working parents to support themselves and their children, and the different things managers can do to support parents or guardians in the workplace.

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Bupa is a global health&wellbeing company serving over 29 million customers worldwide.

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