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30 Jun 2022

Is total reward still relevant in a world of wellbeing?

Dr Duncan Brown, independent rewards researcher and adviser, speaks with REBA’s director Debi O’Donovan, as part of the Employee Wellbeing Congress 2022

The term ‘total reward’ has been in use for many years, but has the concept of total reward strayed from its original meaning? And what does that mean for employers and the way in which they use it?

Discussing total reward, the role of wellbeing, and cost-of-living needs, this video interview featuring Dr Duncan Brown, independent rewards researcher and adviser, and REBA’s director Debi O’Donovan, questions the relevance of total reward in the context of employee wellbeing. 

This video is divided into three sections. You can jump ahead below:

  1. Is total reward still relevant? – 00:42
  2. The role of wellbeing – 08:02
  3. Will the cost of living change pay and total reward? – 12:37

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