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On the Horizon – Q2 2021

Bright Horizon’s quarterly publication On The Horizon shares insight from both employer and employee perspectives to support your work and family policies and practice development.

On the Horizon – Q2 2021 1

Each quarter they highlight 3-5 Top Employer Trends from the previous quarter and draw lessons from these for family-inclusive employers.

The trends for Q2 have been: 

  • Agile Working – the topic everywhere in Q1 was hybrid working, and this continues: large employers have taken turns to announce their blend of office vs remote vs hub working.
  • Inclusion and Diversity – the dialogue is moving strongly towards inclusion, equity and belonging and rising up the corporate hierarchy as well as the agenda.
  • Investing in employees; mental health and wellbeing – there has been a huge upswing in wellbeing programmes. However, employers need to communicate benefits in a way that reaches a dispersed workforce successfully.
  • Employer involvement in family care & family life supports – greater employer involvement here meant responsive benefits and services for employees, including increases in Back-Up Care and other care support, as well as coaching on combining work and family.
  • Listening to the Employee Voice – As well as links with purpose and sustainability, the rise of employee expectations about choice will also play a role in the care with which employers handle expectations around vaccination.

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