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06 Jan 2023

Professor Dame Lesley Regan: why women’s health matters to business leaders

The Women’s Health Ambassador speaks to REBA about why and how businesses should support women’s health

Professor Dame Lesley Regan was appointed Women’s Health Ambassador in June 2022 ahead of the Department of Health & Social Care’s publication of its Women’s Health Strategy for England in August. 

As Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Imperial College London St Mary’s Hospital Campus, she has a particular interest in miscarriage, period problems, gynaecological surgery and menopause.

Through her role as Women’s Health Ambassador, she will help to drive forward the system-level changes needed to close the gender health gap and eradicate the deep seated biases that are holding women back in careers and life.

This video follows REBA's recent gender-specific health event, where Professor Dame Lesley Regan discussed why employers should support women’s health and offered tips and guidance on how to do so.

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