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Report: Back-up care in legal sector 2021

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions has launched its Legal Sector Work+Family Benchmark, which compares its legal clients’ take up of key employee supports such as a subsidised Back-Up Care, Coaching, Care Consultancy, and our Parental Leave Toolkit.

Report: Back-up care in legal sector 2021 1

Key findings

  • More than eight in 10 are offering access to subsidised Back-Up Care, enabling working parents and carers to cover care needs at short notice.
  • The average number of subsidised days’ care made available to employees across its legal sector clients is 13 per year.
  • Well over a third of legal sector firm choose to subsidise over 20 days’ care.

The data and insights in this report aim to answer the question: How are employers in the Legal Sector supporting working parents and carers with access to work & family services?

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