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01 Sep 2021

Take your DE&I strategy to the next level with benefits technology

Diversity, equity and inclusion is one of the most predominant workplace priorities in 2021. And it’s no secret that authentic belonging in organisations is difficult to achieve. Using Social Recognition® data from Workhuman® customers, the Workhuman research team can use these insights to identify opportunities to inform and fuel your diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) strategy.




Utilise our best-in-class benefits technology to gain a deeper understanding of:  

  • Employee networks: understanding the differences between groups of employees in the workplace is beneficial for both the humans working in an organisation and the business itself. With this information available, organisations can uncover where their DE&I efforts are most necessary. For example, if recognition data from the finance team reveals men are recognising their male counterparts more often than their female colleagues, organisations can encourage the team to diversify their recognition network.
  • Inclusion and belonging: Social Recognition allows employees to have a voice in the organisation, no matter what position they hold. When employees feel empowered and respected, it creates trust and a feeling of belonging. Through the act of recognition, we can find common values and celebrate the differences that make us human, effectively bringing people together, rather than pushing them apart.
  • Gender and racial inequality: Gender disparities have always been prevalent in the workplace, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this. According to McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace 2020, more than one in four women are contemplating leaving the workforce. But this crisis also presents an opportunity. “If companies make significant investments in building a more flexible and empathetic workplace, they can nurture a culture in which women have equal opportunity to achieve their potential over the long term.” Using a recognition platform, organisations can better foster a workplace environment where everyone feels heard and appreciated.

Uncovering bias with benefits technology

Wondering if your employees are experiencing bias in the workplace? According to Deloitte’s The Bias Barrier report, 64% of employees reported experiencing bias in the workplace in the last year.

Workhuman’s research team has developed a taxonomy of bias from analysis of over fifty million unique moments of recognition. Using this information, businesses will be able to identify areas of bias across the organisation and help mitigate bias the moment it occurs.

Turning data into action

Social Recognition data helps companies become aware of unconscious bias. But Social Recognition can also help fix the problems it identifies using coaching and other tools Workhuman has built into the platform. Creating an environment that embraces diversity is more important than ever. Using Social Recognition, we have a unique opportunity to build a better, more equal workplace, for everyone.

See the power of social recognition come to life:

  • After one year in a recognition programme, turnover for female employees drops 17%.
  • After one year in a recognition programme, turnover for Asian, Black and Hispanic employees drops 20%.

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