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08 Feb 2024
by Dawn Lewis

The opportunities and pitfalls of longer working lives 

REBA’s latest research report, the eighth in the Transforming Engagement Series in partnership with Mercer Marsh Benefits, considers how employers are preparing for longer working lives

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Shifting workforce demographics, coupled with the rising drive to reskill and upskill workforces to meet the demands of an increasingly digital economy, make it clear that CHROs need to scrutinise the opportunities and pitfalls of longer working lives very carefully.

From EVP design to reskilling, shifting pension outcomes, extended employment strategies, cost forecasting and employee benefits – longer working lives mean that employers must rethink their approach to people strategy.

The REBA/Mercer Marsh Benefits Longer working lives: the future of people strategies research reveals that already there are two- and even threefold increases in the proportion of organisations working on discerning obsolete skills, reviewing extended employment strategies, assessing the impact of multiple careers and setting aside budgets to invest in new skills among their existing workforces.

Read the research to find out:

  • What skills will become obsolete and how employers plan to reskill their ageing workers.
  • How employers are forecasting costs linked to an ageing workforce.
  • The up-and-coming employee benefits reducing risks related to extended careers.
  • How EVP design is changing in the face of longer working lives.
  • How lifelong learning programmes, social wellbeing support and recognition programmes are all emerging as benefits to engage younger cohorts facing, and planning for, longer working lives.

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