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30 Sep 2021

Video tutorial: Organisational peer support – the value of bringing together shared experiences

Creating real and lasting culture change through mental health and wellbeing strategies has long been a challenge for many organisations. In this video Pamela Orr, training and wellbeing manager at HealthHero, offers an overview of the challenges of mental health in the workplace and how to address them.

Long-term change to corporate values requires mental health and wellbeing to be respected, valued and cherished from the very heart of the organisation, and at the core of that beating heart is the normalisation of experiences via peer support.

During this video Orr discusses how to use peer support to improve/support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, the value to the organisation and employees of peer supporters, and how to train peer supporters safely.

This video was produced with our strategic partner HealthHero as part of the bonus digital content for the REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress.

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