Video tutorial: Benefex’s Matt Macri-Waller on using AI to identify workplace wellbeing issues early

There is no doubt that AI will have significant implications for all but in employee wellbeing in particular it could lead to much better services for staff, according to Matt Macri-Waller, founder and CEO at Benefex.

Speaking at the REBA Innovation Day 2018 he said that the technology offered huge promises within wellbeing and that everyone was talking about AI and wellbeing. 

Examining the various uses of AI and companies in the sector of AI and wellbeing he said the technology was helping to allow for early intervention in issues such as serious disease diagnosis like cancer, detecting abnormal heart conditions and even identifying markers that could lead to suicide.

In the employee wellbeing space he said the opportunity was huge, especially to prevent employees feeling overwhelmed or to get lost amongst lots of information and create better wellbeing journeys for staff. “We can start to bring together and connect a whole set of things to create a better experience for someone so if they are diagnosed with cancer, struggling with financial wellbeing or whatever it might be they can end up in this place where they can go and get real information that’s contextually relevant in a very quick fashion,” he said.

“In the short to medium term we will see these huge leaps that really help us – that help us to diagnose things better, intervene better and understand people better and help make life that little bit easier and do it in a way that’s very intuitive that meets people where they want to interact and allows us to do that at scale,” he said.

This video was recorded at the REBA Innovation Day 2018, held in London on 22 November.

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