Harmonising and humanising reward: using new technologies to put the individual at the heart of strategy


Deborah Rees

Deborah Frost

Chief Executive

Advances in technology in the HR world mean that as professionals we can now provide our people with more efficient, effective and far reaching benefits and services than ever before. But how do we make sure that we are using these ground-breaking new technologies to gain the best results whilst remaining ever personal? And how do we make sure that our people are always at the heart of any innovations – balancing the right combination of having human talent and reward strategies customised to the power of one, with the need to succeed as an employer? 

Deborah Frost, CEO at Personal Group, covered these issues in her session at REBA's Innovation Day 2019. Download the slides which cover: 

  • Why technology is the key to humanising reward 

  • How to understand and increase employee’s lifetime value by using the right technologies  

  • Why we need to get our best solutions working together in harmony  

  • The future of reward – how will tailor-made experiences for employees evolve? 

Watch her full presentation.