Report: The Value of Occupational Health Research

New report – The Value of Occupational Health Research – published by the Society of Occupational Medicine, is calling for more investment to take place into the causes of ill-health in working people in the UK.

The report reveals only 45% of workers in the UK have access to occupational health advice in the workplace and, because of a lack of investment in training of doctors and nurses, this situation is "getting worse."

It finds mental health, musculoskeletal problems, skin and respiratory diseases, as well as cancers due to work are still relatively common, with 1.4 million workers estimated to suffer from a work-related diseases.

It also finds at-work ill-health is increasing because 50% of employees now work beyond typical retirement ages.

The report presents 12 recommendations, including calling for the development of a new coordinating Centre for Health and Work. Other recommendations include making occupational health advice available to all workers, combined with a national coordinated OH research strategy that should include robust health economic evaluation.