Survey: Reward Management

The CIPD's fifteenth Reward Management survey, produced in partnership with LCP, explores which benefits employers in the UK offer to whom and why; how benefits packages are provided; and how they are communicated and evaluated.

Key findings

  • Eight in 10 employers intend to spend the same amount on staff benefits over the next two years as they currently do, while 16 per cent plan to increase their investment.
  • Three in four employers don’t review the impact staff benefits have on individuals or the business.
  • 42 per cent of organisations offer employees some degree of choice over the benefits they receive.
  • One in five employers expect to invest in a formal work-life balance policy within the next year.
  • One in six employers don’t communicate about benefits with staff.

The 2018 Reward Management report is based on a survey of 570 HR professionals and insights from a group of senior HR professionals brought together to discuss the issues raised.