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Benefex Research: The Expectation Exponential

Benefex’s 2024 research reveals a growing perception gap between what you think, and what your people think

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of HR and Reward professionals say their organisation's employee experience is ‘excellent’ – but only 20% of employees agree.

Employee expectations are rising faster than ever before, with their expectations of salary, benefits and perks, recognition and wellbeing support growing particularly fast.

So how can you stay ahead of – or even keep up with – the exponential increase in employee expectations?

Informed by more than 2,000 interviews with employers and employees across four continents, The Expectation Exponential, looks at:

  • What do employees really want from benefits, wellbeing, technology, culture and your EVP?
  • What are HR and Reward teams prioritising to deliver on employees’ demands?
  • How will AI ease growing frustration in HR organisations?

Key findings:

  • 81% of employees say the employee experience is more important than a year ago.
  • 61% of employees say the technology they use at work lags behind the technology at home.
  • 42% of HR and Reward professionals are frustrated by the amount of time they’re spending on administrative tasks.

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